My name is Jonathan Haskell. I have been very fortunately married to Lori for 21 years. We have three children: Justin, Ethan and Kayla. Although I grew up in Chattanooga and am a lifelong Volunteer fan, the journey from there to Knoxville was longer than you might think. After a brief career in business, we sensed God leading us into cross-cultural ministry. We lived in Hungary for nine years, where we trained leaders and helped start new churches.

I am now the Director of Development for The Salvation Army and Lori works for LifeSteward Ministries. In addition to that, I also serve as the Connections Pastor for The Discovery Church, a ministry we helped to launch in Knoxville in the fall of 2010.

Besides the Vols, I also love soccer, Greek food and classic Southern rock. Lori and I are both passionate about healthy marriages, authentic Christian community and mobilizing the church to impact the community.  My favorite books include Abba’s Child, Just Walk Across the Room, Me to We, and What’s So Amazing About Grace? When it comes to movies, I stick to the classics: The Princess Bride or Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Both are infinitely quotable.

Replicate is kind of an unusual name for the blog.  As you probably know, it means to duplicate or copy, to make a replica of something.  I chose it, because I think, above all else, that is what I’m called to do – to replicate myself.  That is a bold statement – even arrogant. To think that the world needs more of me?

Jesus Christ’s last words to his followers were to “go and make disciples”.  The Apostle Paul went so far as to say “imitate me, as I imitate Christ.”  So yes, I realize it’s a bold statement, but it’s also a way of making myself more accountable.  If I know that others are watching, even following me, I will be more careful with my steps.  It’s not to say, “follow me, because I have it all figured out.”  As long as I’m following Him, I’ll be leading in the right direction.  That’s what replicate is all about.

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